Monday, July 2, 2018

The Mind Under the Blood

“Thoughts are bold and daring things.  They keep up a din and chatter and strain the nerves and chill the heart.   Fear dashes into the mind and captures us and holds us fast.

 The spotless Lamb of God has shed His most precious blood for you to cleanse and cover and free and keep you from torments and distractions.  

By faith put death between [your anxious thoughts] and you.   Say to thoughts and all hindering visitors to the mind’s distraction from the peace Christ gives: "The blood of Jesus is a shelter for me.  I shelter my mind, conscious and subconscious, under the blood of Jesus.”

Trust Him to keep your thoughts stayed on Him, and to keep your mind in the peace of God that passeth all understanding, and He will do it.” 1.

1. Classic Christian Writings: "The Mind Sheltered Under The Blood" By D. W. Griffin

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