Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Knowing Our Limits

“O LORD, my heart is not proud, nor my eyes haughty; Nor do I involve myself in great matters, Or in things too difficult for me.”  Ps. 131:1 
Two of my best friends  in high school were on the cheerleading squad.   I wanted to fit in with the popular kids so I tried out, and if you want to know how that turned out—think Mary Katherine Gallagher.    I should have known better since I couldn’t take two steps in a pair of stilettos.

Sometimes we need to humiliate ourselves in order to discover our limitations. 

It’s pretty amazing to consider how David, even with all of his power and influence, did not involve himself in things that were beyond his capabilities.   His genuine humility allowed him to see himself in a realistic light and not think more highly of himself than he ought.(Rom.12:3)   He was not, as Paul Tripp would say, a Glory Junkie.  David’s contentment and delight was in the Lord and he wasn't interested in trying to impress people.

David’s humility is a fitting example for every believer as it shows the mark of spiritual maturity.  Humility removes the blinders  so that we can make wise decisions about what we should and should not involve ourselves with.  And humility was the chief character quality of our Savior who left the glories of heaven, and willingly suffered the ultimate humiliation on our behalf. 

God blesses each of us with spiritual gifts and abilities as He chooses.   We’ll be most content when we recognize what those are and learn to stay within our limitations.
“To know God and our duty is learning sufficiently high for us.  [David] did not employ himself in affairs too great; he followed his ewes, and never set up for a politician; no, nor for a soldier; for, when his brethren went to the wars, he staid at home to keep the sheep. 
 It is our wisdom, and will be our praise, to keep within our sphere, and not to intrude into things which we have not seen, or meddle with that which does not belong to us. Princes and scholars must not exercise themselves in matters too great, too high, for men: and those in a low station, and of ordinary capacities, must not pretend to that which is out of their reach, and which they were not cut out for.” 1- Matthew Henry 

1. Matthew Henry:  Commentary on Psalm 131:1

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