Friday, June 1, 2018

Hither & Yon

 We always pass this interesting little spot on the drive along the eastern side of the Sierra between Northern Nevada and Southern California.  It's located on hwy 395 at Cartago, CA.  Population 92

  Our pastor Brian Borgman reminds us not to use OMG - Oh My God!” Thoughts about the Third Commandment

  Simonetta Car has a cool church history blog  @ Cloud of Witnesses  

➽  I could relate to Mike Leake's post - only mine were vinyl LP's in the 70's (sorta wish I had saved them)  HOW A NEW BATCH OF PHARISEES COMES TO BE 

  Good thoughts from Deb- Journaling: The Pitfall We Should Recognize

  Kim Shay reviews Rebecca Stark's new book - (I've read it  too and it's really good. The Good Portion - God: The Doctrine of God for Every Woman Available HERE

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